Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Albany lobbyist: Investigators asked for records in Bruno probe

Albany Times Union AP Story MARK JOHNSON

Would you have believed me a week ago..if I told you there would be investigative media coverage going on in Albany with all the gossip and innuendo and political implication discussions..and it would have nothing to do with Hevesi??? and it would involve the very Republican Leader that was crying and begging Pataki to hand over Hevesi to the State Senate for a partisan kangaroo trial??? My My........ have times changed.............andy

ALBANY -- A major Albany lobbyist and friend of Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno said Wednesday that federal investigators have asked him to supply records of a real estate venture both men were involved in until last year.

James Featherstonhaugh, the lobbyist and attorney, ran the real estate venture First Grafton Corp. He said he has been asked by the FBI for records of his dealings with Bruno. Bruno's blind trust owned 25 percent of the venture until May 2005, when it was dissolved.
The business was formed to create residential developments in the town of Grafton, near Bruno's Rensselaer County home.
"I did receive a request for some records and those records have been provided," Featherstonhaugh told The Associated Press.
Bruno spokesman John McArdle said Bruno placed his stake in First Grafton in a blind trust in 1992, before he became majority leader, and took no part in its business decisions. He declined further comment.

for the rest of this story click here ....check out Elizabeth B's(Capitol Confidential) Another Angle To The Bruno Probe she is great at digging up the dirt.........andy

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