Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday Night Roundup

Azi Paybarah(The Politicker) has Pataki and Bruno talking about Bruno "Pataki drew a contrast between Hevesi's admitted wrongdoing and the allegations currently swirling around the man standing behind him, Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. "I've said time and again: I have confidence in Senator Bruno," the governor said. "I have confidence in the system... I expect come January 3, Senator Bruno will be the majority leader."
The vote of confidence is notable, in that the governor's
initial statement about the case--"Hopefully, the senator has done everything right, and that will be what the conclusion is"--was read by some to be less-than-supportive. Obviously, everyone knows they're not horseback-riding buddies." Elizabeth Benjamin(Capitol Confidential) Moving Right Along thinks Spitzer was a bit cold in his post Hevesi Resignation remarks.....whereas Silver was a bit more personal "We must now turn to the task in front of us, which is to identify a new person who can serve with honor and distinction as comptroller.”
He(Spitzer) then lists the characteristics he believes that person should have, being careful to remain gender neutral:
“He or she should have significant experience in financial matters. This is imperative given the Comptroller’s role in managing one of the nation’s largest pension funds; and,
He or she should be a person of unquestioned integrity who will act independently in the interests of taxpayers.”

Hey Liz..believe it or not....the show must go on.......feeling bad about Hevesi doesn't get the job done.....In a few days Spitzer will be in charge....replacing Hevesi with someone competent with a history of integrity is imperative........this is not a Hallmark Moment.........and finally Bow Tie Guy gets his 2 cents in......Callaghan Speaks ......he still thinks the voters made a big mistake voting for Hevesi.....oh brother........andy

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