Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nite Bites

Newsday Ap tells us Spitzer acknowledges hard work ahead on state budget meanwhile Pataki appoints hundreds to serve during Spitzer administration .......this is why Pataki has absolutely no shot at the whitehouse....Mr "fiscal conservative" has been stacking state agencies for years with his political cronies......Newsday Spincycle points out Over at the Daily Politics, Bill Hammond astutely notes that unlike the economic development czars under Pataki and Cuomo, Foye would be the first ESDC chair in two decades who is not the governor's fundraiser....meanwhile Elizabeth Benjamin Appointments Angst reveals the battle going on between Spitzer and Pataki over these last minute political appoitments.......Spitzer sums it up the best "Spitzer this morning said he understands that making last-minute appointments is within Pataki’s legal right, since he is governor until midnight on Dec. 31. But that doesn’t mean, in Spitzer’s opinion, that it’s the right thing to do:
“It would be somewhat contrary to the spirit of governance and contrary to good governance if anybody were to begin to put in place, in agencies or authorities…people at this point whose terms will extend deeply into the term of the incoming governor.”
Spitzer added: “As much as I’ve tried to respect the incumbent’s legal capacity to make decisions, wise policy would dictate against putting in place individuals in agencies where their terms in office would extend deeply into my term.”

The Empire Zone thinks On Day 1, Everyone’s Cold and Threats of an ad blitz if Eliot Spitzer goes ahead with a plan to let illegal immigrants get driver’s licenses. [The Politicker] It is totally amazing how all the political blogs including this one feeds off one another.............andy

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