Friday, December 01, 2006

The Spitzer Mystery or The Many Faces of Eliot

The New York Sun Editorial

"The big mystery in Albany is which Eliot Spitzer is going to show up in January to take over as governor. Is it going to be the hard-left Eliot Spitzer or the centrist Eliot Spitzer? "

What the heck is a "hard left" Eliot??? and the answer is......

"The poser arises following a recent interview that Mr. Spitzer granted to his biographer, Brooke Masters, that was published in the Financial Times of London. In the first part of the interview, issued Monday, Mr. Spitzer was said by the newspaper to have "hit out at efforts by figures in the Bush administration and business to roll back corporate accountability reforms imposed in the wake of financial scandals such as Enron."
The FT reported that Mr. Spitzer "pronounced himself suspicious of the push to revamp the Sarbanes-Oxley corporate accountability rules." That is the hard-left Mr. Spitzer......." if you oppose Bush's allowing corporations to rape the environment and the average consumer you are "hard left"???

"In a second report on the interview, Mr. Spitzer is quoted as saying, "I'll work to make sure the financial companies stay here," adding, "We're going to look at the tax code to make sure we're not pushing capital elsewhere." That was the centrist Mr. Spitzer."

"Mr. Spitzer's two personalities have played out through his history as politician and as the state attorney general. The hard-left Mr. Spitzer made Wall Street a target for his enforcement operations. But the centrist Mr. Spitzer disposed of cases not, for the most part, by sending businessmen to jail or by indicting entire companies and shutting them down, but rather by reaching settlement agreements that the hard-left critics complained were only a slap on the wrist."

So basically Spitzer got the corporations to reform without shutting them down and sending the ceo's to jail??? Freud aside......sounds like Eliot got the job where is the mystery here??? Please leave the psychoanalysis to the professionals............andy

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