Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tid Bits

The Times Union warns us against foreign oil dependency New York's oil addiction
Albany County Comptroller Mike Conners outlines a plan to cut consumption and boost the economy ............meanwhile the Berger Report is upsetting a few folk out there
Groups pressing for reconsideration of Berger Report--News 10 and Twin Crises In Health Care--Gotham Gazette a New York City View of this health crisis and NY1's State Assembly Examines Hospital Closure Recommendations Fred Dicker-The New York Post reports that Pataki will blackmail the State Legislature into giving him his political laundry list of goodies he wants passed..otherwise no pay hikes POLS MUST DEAL TO WIN A PAY HIKE Great way to run a government....and let the taxpayers be dammed......no wonder Pataki's approval ratings are in the dumpster........meanwhile Hevesi is invited to testify before an Albany Grand Jury this friday...... HEVESI GIVEN FRIDAY GRAND-JURY INVITATION "come as you are...light refreshments will be served" .............finally........The NY Times Empire Zone reports Paul Francis, the incoming budget director for Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer, did a little expectations-setting this morning for Day One in Albany......Eliot’s Budget Director Lays It All Out andy

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