Friday, January 19, 2007

The Dynamic Duo (Updated)

Liz Benjamin Capitol Confidential

And Liz thought Craig was backing away from Spitzer??? No way Ki-mo-Sab-bee......andy

Here’s Democratic 7th SD candidate Craig Johnson’s latest mailer. (Remember when I said it seemed like they had abandoned the “he’s with Eliot” approach? Perhaps I spoke too soon).
All I have is a photocopy, which is why it’s in black-and-white. The text on the other side, which didn’t copy well, appears after the jump:
UPDATE: Here’s
a link in to the full-color version.

“Corruption and inaction in the state Senate are tough foes to fight. On February 6th, help Eliot Spitzer take them on by sending Craig Johnson to Albany.
We knew Albany was a mess when we elected Eliot Spitzer to clean it up. Now we can help him by voting for Craig Johnson for state Senate.
An independent Democrat, Craig has been a strong voice for change in the county legislature. As chair of the Finance Committee, he helped Tom Suozzi root out the waste, fraud and abuse that nearly drove our county to bankruptcy.
Craig also led the fight to defeat a proposed county income tax and has been a leader in finding inovative ways to protect seniors from consumer fraud and children from sexual predators.
In Albany, Craig will work with Eliot Spitzer to drastically cut property taxes, clean up state government, provide health insurance to every child and improve our schools.”

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