Friday, January 12, 2007


Azi Paybarah(The Politicker) alerts us Spitzer will be doing some tv ad work for Johnson's Campaign.....Spitzer on the Air "Eliot Spitzer will be appearing in the television ads for state Senate candidate Craig Johnson, Spitzer's spokeswoman Christine Anderson confirmed.
The ad was shot yesterday by ubiquitous adman
Jimmy Siegel and could air as soon as tonight, according to one person on Johnson's campaign.
A campaign spokesman had no additional information and a call to Siegel's office was not immediately returned." I have seen the tv ads for Maureen O'Connell......terrible...grainy...the camera keeps jerking wife thinks she has a frightened look throughout the entire ad.........meanwhile NY1 News gives us
Paterson: My Disability Is Window On Disenfranchised A wonderful article on why Paterson gave up his Senate is my favorite quote "There is something about Eliot Spitzer,” said Paterson. “There is something about his [confidence], there is something about his ideas." He also acknowledges that there is a potential bridge to even higher office, like governor or U.S. Senator. He says he is not planning anything, but the possibility is still there. "If a legislator or any other person in public service sat here and told you that they are not thinking about it, it would be anathema to the human principle that we're all striving to be better than what we are,” added Paterson. “And we are in many ways thinking that we can perform the jobs that we see some of our colleagues do." There is still another reason he says he took the job -- being a role model. Paterson is not only the first African American lieutenant governor, but also he has been legally blind since birth." Liz Benjamin answers the question How involved is Spitzer in Johnson's campaign? How Involved? This Involved "From the Working Families Party’s blog (via The Albany Project) comes Democratic 7th SD candidate Craig Johnson’s first mailer, which prominently features Gov. Eliot Spitzer.
coming soon (although not today, I’m told) to a television near you: A Johnson campaign ad that also prominently features Spitzer, made by Spitzer’s ad man, Jimmy Siegel.
Johnson’s delay in getting up on the air is unfortunate, as his opponent, Republican Maureen O’Connell, has been up with radio and TV ads since
The WFP is already on the ground with a field operation for Johnson, and started distributed these flyers Wednesday night (from what I can tell)." This race is really going to get a hurry........andy

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