Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Spitzer Passes on Hil for Now/SPITZER FOR PRESIDENT


Newsday Spin Cycle

"New Democratic Gov. Eliot Spitzer says it is premature for him to decide which presidential candidate he will support.
"It seems a little early," Spitzer said today as he left City Hall after following a news conference with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York's senior Senator, Charles Schumer. "But, we’ll get there."

I agree with one of the reader's comments below......Spitzer would make the best candidate for President.......he is just the right guy to straighten out Washington DC....and Eliot has national name recognition as attorney general....Spitzer is admired form Coast to Coast........andy

"i think he's weighing throwing his own hat in the ring. if he ever wants to make a legit run, this is probably the moment. "

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