Friday, January 26, 2007

What will Silver Do????

This whole Silver/Spitzer thing reminds me of the old TV westerns where there always seemed to be a "showdown" of some kind...a final confrontation. The New York Post thinks Eliot should stick to his guns THE SPITZER EXPRESS but acknowledges Silver may ultimately get his way. Liz Benjamin gives her analysis on how Silver could defeat Spitzer 108 - 2 = 106 here is Spitzer's worst nightmare.....Bruno and Silver hold a joint news conference and declare Tom DiNapoli as their mutual choice for State Comptroller.....Liz thinks this is Shelly's Silver Bullet......Bruno would get a little revenge over the whole Balboni affair...and Silver would show he is still in charge......DiNapoli is so universally liked and respected...he would have no problem getting the needed votes on both sides of the Legislative Aisle.....this is very difficult for me...I hold both Eliot and Tom in very high regard and respect them final Eliot twisting the comptroller panel's arms and excluding legislators...that gets Silver off the hook...he now doesn't have to pick one and have the other members mad as hell...that decision has been taken away from him...a blessing??? or a curse??? andy

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