Monday, February 12, 2007


A person rides a snowmobile past the snow-covered Wesleyan Church in Redfield, N.Y. after a weeklong series of squalls.Photograph by : Associated Press

Liz Benjamin(Capitol Confidential) throws a few logs on the Spitzer fire with Spitzer won't pull any punches .......I got a chance last night to watch the entire legislative vote for state comptroller..from gavel to guy even Spitzer will not mess with is State Assemblyman Anthony S. Seminerio from will not see Spitzer's Road Show in his district...passionate and vocal and old school is the best way to describe him...I could just picture this guy crashing Eliot's press conference and taking it over....too funny.....I would also put Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg in that same road show in Long Beach either.........why do I get the sense Liz is enjoying watching the democrats fighting each other??? and the big question of the am...or at least the AP thinks so..........Is Spitzer Brilliant Or Just Nuts? and the NY Post..true to it's cartoon mentality gives us ELIOT'S 9 SURGICAL STRIKES while the Times Herald-Record keeps with the medical theme Spitzer's strong medicine for health care .........and we also learn New York Town May Have Hit Snow Record "A historic snowfall of more than 11 feet is nothing to get excited about in this hardy upstate New York village that thrives on snowmobilers and cross-country skiers.
"It's snow. We get a lot of it. So what?" said Allan Babcock, a lifelong resident who owns Shar's Country Diner, a popular eatery in this village of 650 people. "

yikes....11 feet of snow???? andy

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