Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Comptroller Crunch Time

The New York Times thinks Assembly Closer to Naming a Comptroller "The Legislature plans to renege on a deal it had with Gov. Eliot Spitzer and select a lawmaker as the next state comptroller on Wednesday, officials said, and at least one Democratic county chairman wants Assemblyman Thomas P. DiNapoli to get the post.
Assembly Democrats, who control the most votes in the Legislature, met privately on Monday evening. Several who attended the meeting said that the Assembly speaker,
Sheldon Silver, indicated that he would privately poll members on their preferences, and have the entire Legislature vote on the matter on Wednesday.........and Newsday reveals Spitzer says he's 'troubled' over NY comptroller selection "It's a little disappointing to many people when you have that process, then at the end of it, suddenly you see people second guessing the process, saying to those who have made it through, 'Yes, we know we have set up rules, but maybe we won't play by the rules,"' Spitzer said. The governor said he was not endorsing any of the three finalists, but said all were of "tremendous quality." ....the problem here is...the ultimate rule is the State Law..which allows the Assembly to pick the replacement....and my good friend Tom DiNapoli is as good as they come.....he can stand his ground with any of the 3 picks of the panel and anyone on the panel itself.......case closed..............according to Liz Benjamin(The Politicker) other people are feeling the same way.....The Race Continues "While Republicans on Monday were fixating on the highly contested 7th district on Long Island, Democrats were continue to wrangle and horse-trade over the race for Comptroller which is increasingly looking like a contest between Assemblymen Tom DiNapoli and Richard Brodsky, who appeared to be gaining some momentum over the weekend.
DiNapoli, though, is said to be getting support from a couple of New York City county leaders, including Assemblyman and Brooklyn county chair Vito Lopez and county leaders in Queens, I’m told who are pushing their delegations to support DiNapoli. " Hopefully by tomorrow night this will be all over and everyone will be congratulating Tom.........andy

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