Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Little Catch Up on my Blog please.....and hold the baloney

Been away a few days.....so let's get started......blog by blog.......
Newsday's Spin Cycle...........is Spitzer's Pork really kosher??? "The most intriguing Albany read today is this piece from the New York Sun describing how the Spitzer administration has sought to secure the support of Senate Democrats by inviting them to submit three proposals apiece for funding from a leftover pot of economic development slush controlled by the gov." ahhhh the new york sun..the bastion of truth and honesty....and Top Judges to Judge our Judges "The U.S. Supreme Court today granted a writ of certiorari to hear the explosive legal dispute between Margarita Lopez Torrez and the New York City Board of Elections.
In the case last year, U.S. District Judge John Gleeson overturned what is widely considered to be the state’s outdated and party-rigged judicial convention system for selecting state Supreme Court judges." .............I would love to see what the geniuses will come up to replace this "rigged" system of ours......I have attended countless judicial conventions..and all of the judicial candidates were already screened and well qualified before they were nominated........and if you love a good mystery and are into conspiracy theories...you will love
State Sides "New state development chief Patrick Foye is involved in some hard-ball real-estate dealings over the lease and relocation of the state's executive offices in Manhattan (see second item), as Michael Cooper reports in The Times.
Gov. Spitzer provoked the fight with the the Legislature over Tom DiNapoli's appointment as state comptroller -- essentially by taking Assemb. Pete Grannis out of the running by tapping him for environmental commissioner, says
Wayne Barrett in the Voice.
Now, the Grannis nomination faces resistance from the GOP majority in the state Senate, which has been reduced by a seat in the wake of Nassau Democrat Craig Johnson's election, according to
Fred Dicker in the Post. He quotes Nassau GOP Sen. Carl Marcellino as saying: "There is concern . . . Grannis might be one who comes in as an anti-hunter, anti-Second Amendment, anti-sportsmen agenda." Poor Grannis...he may wind up being just a lowly dysfunctional assemblyman again....what if Spitzer really wanted DiNapoli as Comptroller and took Grannis out of contention...knowing the panel would nominate him??? and thus the Assembly would vote for Grannis not DiNapoli??? and what if........geeeeeeezzz..........enough already with this Grannis stuff...........and Newsday gets totally stupid with this one....."But DiNapoli may have unintentionally angered Spitzer in responding to a question from Newsday on Saturday in Albany. “I still have a lot of faith in Governor Spitzer. He’s going to be one of the greatest governors we have ever had,” DiNapoli said.That may not be good enough." Yikes..those are fighting words.....errrrrr..not........andy

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