Friday, February 16, 2007

Power-Sharing in the State Senate and other good stuff

Azi Paybarah The Politicker

Azi keeps giving us sequels to "Spitzer takes over the Senate" is the latest edition.......
"Last week I wrote about Eliot Spitzer's plan to flip control of the state Senate by luring at least three Republicans to the Democratic side of the aisle, which would create a new majority in that house.
The fact that Spitzer administration officials are talking about flipping three seats, as opposed to the two that would produce a tie in the Senate, is very deliberate.
Yes, the
rules of the Senate dictate that Democratic Lt. Governor David Paterson would be able to cast a tie-breaking vote, giving the Democrats a major advantage.
Yet I've heard from people on both sides of the aisle in the Senate that their lawyers are now busy double-checking what actually happens in the chamber under a tie scenario, and what the means would be of distributing power between the parties.
Is there any way this isn't going to end in controversy?" stay tuned...I am sure Azi has an answer to that question next week...and Azi thinks the slum landlords are in for a rough time of it.........If Eliot Spitzer's plan to flip control of the state Senate to the Democrats works,
landlords should beware.........."If Governor Spitzer succeeds in toppling the Senate Republican majority, landlord groups would lose their most powerful ally behind their efforts to phase out New York City's rent regulation system. Such a possibility looms large for landlords, with Republicans hanging on to their majority by only two seats.
"It makes property owners nervous," the president of the Real Estate Board of
New York, Steven Spinola, told The New York Sun. "It doesn't mean it will be terrible, but it clearly makes us nervous."...........feeling terrible vs feeling are starting to feel nervous because terrible is on the way??? :-) andy

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