Friday, February 09, 2007

The Road Show Spitzer visits Endicott on tour

News 10 Now

More and more of our young people here on the Island..are moving away...they can't afford to buy a home and start a family here...between school and property taxes etc...they have no choice.....Eliot is trying to address this issue and stem the tide..........andy

Nick Rando is the oldest of five kids. He's grown up in Endicott. But when he thinks about his plans for the future, he's not so sure if he'll end up in his hometown.
"We've seen so many families where the kids have just took off. They're up here without their children. We want to see families stay in tact,” Mark Rando said.
Thursday, Mark and Maria Rando welcomed a visitor to their home who's trying to make it possible to keep their family together.
"We're going to keep fighting for you," Governor Spitzer said.
Governor Eliot Spitzer stopped at the Rando's home to tout his proposed property tax relief plan. He says it would give middle-income homeowners up to an 80 percent increase in their STAR benefit.
For The Rando's, that would translate into $2,300 over the next three years.
"That's real money. Money that can be invested and put into a fund to accrue interest and pay for education. It can be used to build an addition to the house," Spitzer said.
Both Maria and Mark Rando grew up here in Endicott, and they hope when their kids grow they'll stay here as well. But with property taxes as high as they are now, they know it will be tough.
"We stayed here because there was something back when we were growing up, but now we want our kids to stay here because everybody's leaving," Maria Rando said.
And Governor Spitzer says it's all a chain reaction...
The children are leaving because the businesses are leaving and he's hoping property tax relief will help homeowners and businesses alike.
"There is money that can hopefully help people, just by reducing the property taxes and giving us something back," Rando said.
And for the Rando's, that something may end up being their kids

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