Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The "3 Men In A Room" Saga Continues...One final time???


"Secret negotiations are under way between Governor Pataki and state lawmakers to hash out a last-minute deal that would give legislators a pay raise and would give the governor last-minute policy and development victories that could give him a boost at a moment when he is weighing a presidential run, several sources told
The New York Sun.
Mr. Pataki and lawmakers have agreed to convene a special session in mid-December, ostensibly to hammer out an agreement on a civil confinement bill for sexual predators. Sources say talks between the governor and legislative leaders in the lead-up to the session have already extended far beyond that issue, and involve pay raises, an expansion of charter schools, judicial appointments, an appointment to the board of the
City University of New York, and possibly an agreement on a plan to build Moynihan Station.
"They're dealing. How close or far apart I don't know, but they're dealing," said a source familiar with the legislative negotiations"

How secret can these meetings be if the Sun knows about them??? Isn't it ironic that the "3 Men in a Room" gang have a go at final time. The problem with all of BS Meter is going off...very loudly..........especially with Spitzer encourging pay hikes ...yeah that's what he needs...more expenses to deal guess is..if you say things over and over again...people will start to believe them.........keep on dreaming..........Pataki being President....and I am going to win the MegaMillions Jackpot too..............and the New York Post tells us the doling out of taxpayer monies is not too kosher PIGS AND THEIR PORK Ya think Eliot has his work cut out for him??? to view "pork" list click here andy

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