Tuesday, November 28, 2006

And now comes the hard part

Times Union Fred LeBrun

"For Eliot Spitzer, getting elected governor was the easy part.
With Day One looming, governance is all uphill from here. Steeply, with a load on his back.No incoming governor in memory has had as many great expectations heaped on him as Eliot Spitzer -- from all sides. Eliot will surely save New York, is the sum of them. In reality, he would have to be superhuman to meet half those expectations. "

Eliot will get the job done...nobody ever said this was going to be easy....what people are forgetting....to quote Tom Suozzi "it takes teamwork to make the dream work" Eliot has a proven track record to attract the best minds to help him achieve his goals.....

The Post has some ideas of how to boost New York's Economy in ELIOT & NY'S ECONOMY and also has Eliot at odds with Schumer and Bloomberg over Sarbanes-Oxley law SARBOX-ING MATCH
while Newsday wants to wait till Spitzer is in office to tackle the sex offender issue Don't rush to legislate Andy

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