Sunday, November 26, 2006

Day one, item one or "Lucky Eliot"

Newsday Editorial

"If it's better to be lucky than good, then it's best to be lucky and good. Take Gov.-elect Eliot Spitzer and his bold pledges to solve the state's most pressing problems - with none more contentiously so than school aid.Even before the Sheriff of Wall Street showed how good a candidate he was in gaining a record Election Day mandate, he also enjoyed a run of good luck. It's a run that, if he's as good a leader as he seems, could make it easier for soon-to-be Sheriff of State Street in Albany to lead the charge for fundamental change."

Eliot is as good a leader as he seems and good luck has nothing to do with it......Eliot has earned this mandate the old fashioned hard work and dedication to job......let's see how "lucky" Newsday thinks Eliot is......

"For instance, a long-awaited agreement earlier this year between the Pataki and Bush administrations over New York's Medicaid practices will provide the legal impetus and extra cash to trim programs and improve care - on Spitzer's watch"

Now that's a consumer friendly combo....Bush and Pataki.....yeah Spitzer is going to be the "lucky" one to tell some folks their local hospitals are closing..........

"And there's his pledge to improve Albany's ethical climate: Reports by the state ethics commission and a special investigator, both released before Election Day, will ease Spitzer's necessary effort to remove a fellow Democrat, State Comptroller Alan Hevesi, from office."

Gee.........Removing a long time political friend and advisor.......isn't Eliot so "lucky" to have this opportunity???

"Candidate Spitzer declared he would change all that. Although three governors failed to in the past and deficits loom in the future, he has said he would rally Albany - or roll over it. And despite other potentially costly priorities, he said he would find billions of dollars more for poor schools around the state, but especially in New York City, whose students have been deemed by the courts to be shortchanged. A tall order.Last week, however, in ruling on how much more the city schools are due, the state's top court gifted Spitzer the political equivalent of a winning lottery ticket. " Newday is suggesting Eliot buy "Mega Millions" lottery tickets to help fund education for New York??? "Lucky" Eliot is going to tackle state aid for education a problem 3 governors couldn't or wouldn't even try to fix??? And the courts put out a "low ball" figure knowing full well it was inadequate......maybe that "lottery" ticket was a losing one???

"Finding the money and still balancing the books won't be easy. And Spitzer's no-tax-hike pledge means he will have to hope he can cut enough from other programs or that the economy boosts tax revenues. But what do you know? "Lucky Eliot" just got a report forecasting a slightly brighter fiscal outlook, which means he may have more tax dollars than expected to fund his spending promises. "

Jump for joy.......this would be like finding a few extra life vests on the Titanic. "Lucky" Eliot has his work cut out for him.........this editorial reminds me of a "Dirty Harry" movie where Clint Eastwood stares down a thug and says "Feeling lucky punk....make my day" It's called "Day One".........

and The Sun doesn't much like Spitzer's Education Advisers while Jay Gallagher thinks Eliot is catching a few breaks as well in his Fortune smiles on Spitzer and finally The Democrat and Chronicle thinks N.Y.'s village, town courts deserve more help than proposed andy

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