Thursday, November 30, 2006

Elizabeth B Capitol Confidential

Let me grab a few "quotes" from Bruno........

“…To me, perception is nonsense,” Bruno added. “People should have a right to support people for office, in whatever ways are honest, above-board and appropriate.”

Even though people(aka taxpayers) might get the wrong idea???

"Bruno noted that this is a democracy, and thus, people should have a right to support whoever they want, wherever they want. The focus, he said, should be on making sure everyone reports their campaign contributions, which is public information. He also said the suggestion that making contributions results in legislative action (otherwise known as pay-to-play) is “just wrong.”

yeah..right...have I got a bridge for you............maybe Bruno has been out of the country for the last few months....the taxpayers in this state are not in the mood for business as usual...they want change....real change..not just perceptions..but you need to start somewhere....except if you don't want to..........Spitzer gets it......Bruno is a slow learner....
"I don’t know the ramifications of what the governor-elect is talking about,” Bruno said. “But I know that we want to deal for real in reforms. We’re not going to deal in just the perception" .”

Hey Spitzer's new ethics Spitzer if you have any problems understanding them....I am sure he will make everything perfectly clear for you.....andy

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