Thursday, November 30, 2006

Governor-Elect Lists Changes to be Made Once in Office

WSYR-TV News Channel 9

"Albany (WSYR-TV) - Governor-Elect Eliot Spitzer sent out a list of executive orders and voluntary actions he says his office will take once he becomes governor in January.
The following text is from a news release distributed by Governor-Elect Spitzer’s Office this morning:
The following executive actions that will be instituted immediately upon the Governor-Elect and Lieutenant Governor-Elect taking office, either through voluntary actions or through the issuance of Executive Orders"

Here is a glimpse of what "Day One" is going to look like.............

Ethical Reforms

Ø Prohibit all at-will employees of the Governor's Office, the State agencies and the public authorities from receiving any gifts with more than nominal value.

Under current law, State employees may receive gifts up to $75. The proposed action will eliminate all such gifts. The only exceptions will be gifts of nominal value (e.g., a cup of coffee or a ceremonial plaque), and traditional non-politically related gifts (e.g. wedding gifts) where there is no appearance of an attempt to influence the employee.

Ø Prohibit former Governor’s Office employees from lobbying any Executive Branch agency for two years

The current two-year ban only prohibits a former State employee from lobbying the specific agency where the employee worked. Thus, an employee of the Governor’s Office who leaves State service can immediately begin to lobby any other Executive Branch agency, even agencies that the employee dealt with frequently while serving in the Governor’s Office. This proposed action will end that practice, and will ensure that Governor’s Office employees do not lobby any Executive Branch agency for two years.

Eliot means business here..the days of business as usual are over........for the rest of these upcoming changes...please click here andy

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