Monday, November 20, 2006

Hey, remember LI?

Newsday Editorial

In staffing his transition committees, Gov.-elect Eliot Spitzer so far seems to have forgotten Long Island. You don't have to be a parochial yokel to know this makes no sense, politically or substantively.Don't get us wrong. Spitzer has recruited an impressive cast to advise him as he produces his first budget and legislative agenda. And the Long Islanders chosen, including Suffolk officials Kevin Law and James Morgo, State Regent Roger Tilles, North Shore-LIJ Health Systems chief Michael Dowling and former Long Island Association exec Mitchell Pally, are first-rate; they're up on a wide range of issues affecting the region.But on a list an administration spokeswoman said is open to additions, we could identify only about 10 Long Islanders among the 320 or so names released Thursday. That's way disproportionate to Long Island's 2.7-million population. Considering that Suffolk is the state's largest agricultural producer and that the region is a hotbed of educational innovation, it's amazing that apparently only two LI people were chosen for those committees. Where are people like William Johnson, the savvy Rockville Centre Schools superintendent; or James Larocca, the energy, education and environmental expert; or Joseph Gergela of the Long Island Farm Bureau, or Elaine Gross of ERASE Racism?You don't have to be paranoid or parochial to wonder if the region just doesn't show up naturally on the radar screen of Spitzer's city-centric team. And that would be a mistake. The suburbs remain the swing vote in any remotely close election. Spitzer also will need Long Island's state legislative delegation to push through any of the tough measures he'll need to move the state in the right new direction.Spitzer should find a lot more Long Island voices.hN

Lighten up Newsday, the Govenor represents the whole state...not just Long Island. Yes Spitzer has put together an impressive group of people to try and help New York out of it's current mess and Long Island is blessed with strong influencial voices .......DiNapoli.....Schaeffer.....Levy... that will help keep some of the focus on Long Island..........andy

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