Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kalikow may resign from MTA by June 2007

NewYorkBusiness.Com David Jones

"Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Peter Kalikow, who has been under pressure to step down by Gov.-elect Eliot Spitzer, said Thursday that he may leave office as soon as the second quarter of 2007."

"During his campaign for governor, Mr. Spitzer said that he would try to force Mr. Kalikow out if he did not resign from the MTA on his own. MTA officials unavailable for immediate comment."

'Gene Russianoff, senior attorney at the Straphangers Campaign, said Mr. Kalikow's resignation would help make Mr. Spitzer more accountable."Whomever is governor is responsible for transit," said Mr. Russianoff. "Do I really want a situation where Spitzer can say,'I hate that service cut, but I can’t do anything about it?'"

Gene........this is Eliot's Show now...not Pataki' you think for a New York minute Eliot will tolerate any service cuts without his approval??? I don't think so..........andy

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