Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mondello Unplugged or Grumpy Old Men

Courtesy AP Bruno/Mondello
Elizabeth B(Capitol Confidential) got a kick out of Mondello and his wise cracks....for those of us living on the Island this stuff gets pretty old are a few Mondello quips....."I’m staying as county chair,” said Mondello, a transplant to Long Island from Brooklyn who has headed the Nassau County GOP for more than two decades. “That’s my base. Mrs. Mondello didn’t bring up baby Joey to be a dummy.” and another one “If you consider me an old white guy, that’s your problem, ’cause I’m not…My showing my cherub Italian face in Buffalo is not going to be the answer of everyone running to donate money and people to run for office in the Republican Party.” Actually the responses Eliabeth got to this blog entry are priceless.........."Did John “Jaspir” Nolan remember to attend the meeting? Bruno, 77, Mondello 68, Nolan 74 - sounds like the GOP is bringing in new blood alright. New qualifying invitees (50 yr olds) into AARP are referred to as “kids” in this party.
I’ll bet the Democrats are shaking in their boots. " and "Saw a few video clips of this on the news, thought for a moment that it was a scene from Jurassic Park. I didn’t realize there were no female dinosaurs. I guess that explains their extinction. " Could I make this stuff up??? andy

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