Saturday, November 25, 2006


New York Times

"If Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer and the State Legislature hold to the spending floor set by the state’s highest court this week and allocate $2 billion a year in additional education aid for New York City, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein will have to slash their long and expensive wish list for the city’s public schools. "

"While the administration is still hoping that Mr. Spitzer, a Democrat, will push for more than the minimum, the reality is that the court’s ruling could mean tough choices. “It was always a way for people to say, ‘When Santa Claus finally comes things will be better,’ ” said Joseph P. Viteritti, a professor of public policy at Hunter College. “Well, Santa Claus isn’t coming. There is no Santa Claus after all. It forces people to get real.” He added: “$2 billion is not chump change, but it’s a lot less than $6 billion.” "

BAH HUMBUG!!!!!!!!!! Click here for the rest of this holiday cheer............andy

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