Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Reeling Hevesi in Collision With Steely Spitzer Disgraced Comptroller Fighting to Hang On, But Eliot Intractable. Governor-Elect Won’t Yield to Alan

New York Observer Azi Paybarah

"When Eliot Spitzer said at a debate late in the race for Governor that Alan Hevesi was a “stupendous public servant,” it was at odds with what he was saying privately.

Behind closed doors, according to an elected official who talked to Mr. Spitzer shortly after the debate, the attorney general was conveying a different message, wondering aloud how Mr. Hevesi could have been so “sloppy” about doing something when he “knew it was wrong.”

"At the moment, things look grim for Mr. Hevesi. He’s the subject of a vigorous criminal investigation by the Albany County District Attorney’s office. The office of departing Governor George Pataki is conducting its own independent investigation, led by the former federal attorney who tried Martha Stewart for insider trading. And the New York State Ethics Commission, which is conducting a third investigation, has already said there is reason to believe Mr. Hevesi broke the law by not keeping adequate records of the time two state employees spent driving Mr. Hevesi’s wife on personal errands"

For Hevesi this is a personal tragedy that should have never happened.....Spitzer has a mandate to "clean up" Albany and set the ethical bar higher for those involved in State Government......Eliot can ill afford to have this Hevesi Circus continue it's act after Day is no longer a question of if Hevesi is going to resign..just a question of when.........andy

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