Friday, November 24, 2006

THINKING AHEAD (Spitzer for President)

New York Post

"November 24, 2006 -- NOW that he's been elected governor, Eliot Spitzer is going national. The golden boy state attorney general re cently hosted fund-raisers for Govs. Jennifer Granholm and Jim Doyle of Michigan and Wisconsin, respec tively. They'll owe him their support someday when he runs for an even higher office - say, president. Many past New York gov ernors have been White House timber, with two Roosevelts mov ing in and Tom Dewey and Nel son Rockefeller at least knocking on the door. D.C. oddsmakers say Spitzer is bound to run for the Oval Office some day, too. "

The Post finally gets it......Eliot should run for President...The Sheriff needs to bring law and order back to protect the little is only a matter of time...Day One is just the beginning.............andy

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