Friday, December 08, 2006


Newsday tells us Spitzer won't be having a ball "Governor-elect decides against glitzy celebration in favor of 'people's inauguration' instead" Day One is off to a great start........and Spitzer acknowledges hard work ahead on state budget meanwhile our "Mr. Fiscal Conservative" Governor Pataki leaves door slightly ajar for legislative pay raises is starting to back peddle on his pledge not to approve legislative pay raises.......the blogs think Pataki is trying to get some monumental legislation passed by bribing the legislature with pay hikes so he can resuscitate his DOA presidential campaign..good luck.........The Democrat and Chronicle 's Spitzer and secrecy warns us "The new governor must fight for the public's right to know" and continuing in Spitzer's new role as Santa Claus...another request has just come in from the Environmentalists Urge Spitzer to Make Oceans and Coasts a Priority The Albany Times Union has the NY Republican Congressional Delegation Snubbing Mr. Spitzer hey...Republicans will be Republicans....and don't be surprised if this childish behavior continues.......The Troy Record tells us Next state first lady gets Troy arts tour Silda Wall Spitzer, wife of Gov.-Elect Eliot Spitzer, rubbed elbows Thursday afternoon with some area artisans and champions of the arts when she toured the Arts Center of the Capital Region at 265 River St. ............Silda will make a wonderful first lady for New York..................andy

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