Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The NY Times reports Pataki Agrees to Let Spitzer Fill Some Vacant Posts but Mr. Pataki is also making scores of appointments for judgeships and for the boards of public my many years of state service..I have never seen such loading up of political hacks into state jobs......completely ignoring civil service rules at every opportunity........and The Times also lets us know that Spitzer Sues UBS Over Its Fee-Based Brokerage Accounts "The New York attorney general, Eliot Spitzer, has sued UBS, one of the world’s largest private wealth managers, contending that it defrauded thousands of brokerage clients out of tens of millions of dollars by putting them into fee-based accounts unsuited for clients who trade infrequently." and Prudential pays $19M to settle Spitzer probe ...Our Sheriff is still on the job........The Democrat & Chronicle thinks the State Legislature is Skirting Spitzer Lawmakers have too much on their special-session plate ......anything for a pay raise..right??? The Times-Herald reports this is the last chance for the infamous "3 men in a room" to get anything done Pataki's last days, last chance to lead meanwhile the NY Post POLS 'RAISE' STAKES AS CLOCK TICKS DOWN quotes Sen. Malcolm Smith "It is very disappointing and troubling that after deciding to leave his post and spend more time in Iowa and New Hampshire than in New York, Gov. Pataki is now trying to extend his influence far beyond his term by appointing his friends, staffers and political allies to important judicial positions, commissions and boards" Could not have said it better myself........Elizabeth Benjamin(Capitol Confidential) let's us know Excelsior Takes To The Airwaves Excelsior is the group that a "bipartisan" committee recommended to take over for bankrupt NYRA......Elizabeth gives us Hevesi Responds (Updated) ......Hevesi is feeling "closure" now......and 59 More Pataki Appointments (Updated) and Lucky 15 ......those lucky devils who may get some judicial appointments and finally Azi Paybarah(The Politicker) reveals Spitzer Forum Notes...................andy

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