Saturday, December 30, 2006


The Dumbest Quote of the Day goes to ex-state GOP chairman Stephen Minarik." Aides say Mrs. Spitzer, a graduate of Harvard Law School, will also serve as a non-paid policy adviser to her husband.
But the move drew criticism from some.
"It's peculiar and probably less than appropriate," said ex-state GOP chairman Stephen Minarik.
"If you're going to give her a job, just give her a job and pay her. To have her sitting there, does that mean people will be answering to her?"
Spitzer spokeswoman Christine Anderson called Minarik's comments "ridiculous."
SPITZER: MY MISSUS WILL BE A BIG HIT (NY POST) wonder he is EX GOP CHAIRMAN .........and Sheriff Spitzer is still rounding them up with MetLife to pay $19 million to end Spitzer investigation and Clothing Retailer Accused of Cheating Its Workers and Eliot sues nursing-home queen Ruby ..........The Westchester based Journal News asks the question Just how liberal is Spitzer? Only time will tell does it really matter??? as long as Eliot gets the job done.........meanwhile the Albany Times Union reports Top area Democrats wait for Spitzer's call among those "sitting on their phones" are Assemblyman Paul Tonko, D-Amsterdam; former Troy Comptroller and Brunswick Democratic town Chairman Martin Dunbar; and Joseph Rabito, Albany's commissioner of development and planning, Stratton???.....and the Troy Record insists GOP chair: Bruno will prevail as Senate leader ........I wonder how much it cost the Record to call the Psychic Hotline........and finally the Albany Times Union reports on the demise of "Inside Albany" 'Inside Albany' fades to black .........a wonderful show over the years...sad to see it go...........andy

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