Friday, December 15, 2006

At the End, the 3 Men Were Not Even in the Same Room


The Pataki 3 Ring Circus finally and mercifully comes to an end.......

"The specter of Mr. Spitzer did hang over the final session. Mr. Silver said Mr. Spitzer would be more likely to address the concerns of the Assembly next year, and predicted that a civil confinement law and a charter school law would pass then.
But Mr. Spitzer said he would entertain a pay raise for lawmakers only if they agreed to pass a series of government reforms. “I oppose a pay raise, unless and until we have fundamental reform in an array of areas, including ethics, lobbying, elections, campaign finance and budget reform,” he said in a statement Wednesday night.
In remarks to a meeting with
Democrats in Midtown Manhattan, Governor-elect Spitzer said that things would soon be different. “After 12 long, vapid years,” he said, “we are ready once again to bring government back to the people of the state of New York.”

Bring it on Eliot.....Bring it on......for the rest of this article.... .click here andy

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