Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Atlantic Yards Project Approved

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Let's not get carried away here Pataki.........I am sure Spitzer will be reviewing all these "marvelous" projects you couldn't get passed in your 12 years as governor.......andy

"The Public Authorities Control Board today approved both the amended Atlantic Yards project for Brooklyn and the Advanced Micro Devices semiconductor wafer manufacturing plant in Saratoga County.
Both Gov. George Pataki and Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, R-Brunswick, have prounounced themselves quite pleased.
Bruno, in whose district the AMD plant will be built (assuming it gets off the ground), said the approved state grant of up to $650 million will be used for construction, machinery, equipment, research and development and to buy 200 acres at
Luther Forest Technology Park in Malta.
“The AMD project would mean billions of dollars in economic investment and the creation of new jobs. We have already established New York State as a global leader in the high tech marketplace,” Bruno said in a statement.
“Today’s approval by the PACB represents great progress towards a final contract for the development of the Luther Forest site for AMD. I fully expect that final step will be completed soon and construction could begin as early as July 2007.”
Pataki’s statement didn’t say anything about AMD, but he did thank “ESDC Chairman Charlie Gargano for his leadership” on the Atlantic Yards project, as well as on a slew of other initiatives, including:
The Javits expansion, the creation of Brooklyn Bridge Park, the 125th Street and Harlem revitalization, the Yankees and Mets stadiums, and the Times Square renewal.
Pataki also refuses to give up on his dream of Moynihan Station, saying he’s “confidant that the state’s hard work will also be put to use” when that project “moves foward.”
“I am gratified to have been joined by Majority Leader Bruno and Speaker Silver in supporting this important and exciting project. I look forward to seeing Bruce Ratner and Frank Gehry’s grand vision turned into reality and to eating a hot dog as I watch the Brooklyn Nets play in Brooklyn’s new arena in the 2009-2010 season,” Pataki concluded."

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