Monday, December 18, 2006

Awaiting Spitzer's 'Day 1'

Times Herald-Record Douglas Cunningham

"Well, about the best that can be said of the abysmal conclusion to the lawmaking year in Albany, and the waning days of Gov. George Pataki's last term, is that they didn't do any damage.
Lawmakers and Pataki didn't accomplish much, either, but so be it. In New York, not doing damage is progress.
Pataki was elected with such promise in 1994, the outcome of that election was a delicious surprise to the establishment, the media and to then-Gov. Mario Cuomo.
But now, Pataki's 12 years end with a whimper, foiled by Democratic Speaker Sheldon Silver and the governor's own timidity. Like a poker game that's set to go all night, lawmakers were ready to outlast the governor and they did, even sacrificing a hoped-for pay raise.
Pataki had a deadline. Lawmakers, led by Silver, could and did wait him out. They'll deal with the next governor, Eliot Spitzer. The upshot was that no one left Albany last week with anything. At least taxpayers' wallets didn't get lifted."

We are all anxiously awaiting "Day One".........for the rest of this commentary click here andy

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