Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Balboni Buzz

Larry Levy of Newsday thinks Spitzer is a political genius with his selection of "Senator Doom Balboni" Spitzer's choice of 'Senator Doom' is genius Spitzer promised the voters he would get the best minds to run the show.......and the Daily News is in a state of shock with their What the El(iot)? Spitzer scoops up GOP star and Newsday likes the idea of a their local boy making good with Spitzer's right move "The governor-elect names a LI republican the chief of homeland security, keeping his promise of a bipartisan cabinet." and Fred Dicker of The Post thinks ELIOT'S GOP SURPRISE COULD RATTLE SENATE "The decision by Balboni, one of the youngest Senate Republicans, to quit for a job with Spitzer was widely seen as a sign that he believed Democrats would soon win control of the Legislature's upper house.
It was also expected to encourage other Senate Republicans to at least consider giving up their seats for other pursuits. " meanwhile The New York Sun finally thinks Eliot did something right
Albany Bipartisanship "But by choosing a Republican from Long Island to serve in an important post in a new administration, Mr. Spitzer signals that he will reach across party lines and serve as governor of all New Yorkers." The Sun finally gets it...and finally......The Times Union Liz Benjamin thinks this will be test for Mondello Spitzer nod opens GOP seat andy

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