Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Capitol Connection by Alan S. Chartock

Empire Information Services

"Republican Joe Bruno is now being examined by the Republican Justice Department. We don't know the specifics but one can only assume that the old way of doing business by rewarding your friends is out. When Mario Cuomo said he was battling the old boy legislative system, he got zilch. But now we have Spitzer who is one creative guy. Look at the way he took on the Wall Street crowd. Once he got started, nobody was safe, no matter how rich and powerful they were. Weeks ago, I speculated that Spitzer would establish a Moreland Act Commission to investigate skulduggery and wrong doing. Now many of my colleagues are writing the same thing. It is obvious that Spitzer will do for the state what he did on the Street. He will fearlessly take on all comers because it is in his character to do so. He is clean and so he can move fearlessly forward. Other governors like Pataki may have had some skeletons in their own closets so they could hardly blow the whistle on others. What would you do if you were in Joe Bruno's or Shelly Silver's shoes? Would you fight or would you acquiesce to the reform movement or would you say that the time had come to scram? "

Alan.............this is what "Day One" is all about......bringing back Integrity to State Government.....and if anyone can do it is Eliot..........for the rest of this commentary................
click here ........andy

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