Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Comptroller Scuttlebut

The Politicker Azi Paybarah

Tom DiNapoli is the perfect choice to replace Hevesi.....we said it here ......and emailed Newsday with our thoughts...and they agreed with us here ...............andy

I've been hearing chatter that Bill Mulrow has fallen out of contention for the appointment as state comptroller, an office that opened up, of course, when Alan Hevesi resigned last week. No definitive word on what's diminished Mulrow's chances, although some gremlins have been trying to mount a whispering campaign about his connection to Excelsior Racing Associates, the group that is bidding to operate the state horse racing franchise. No one's accused Mulrow of anything untoward, but he is essentially acting as a lobbyist for Excelsior, and wearing the scarlet "L" has suddenly become something of a political problem in Albany. (Though it didn't hurt Eliot Spitzer's secretary of state designee.)
Meanwhile, the candidacy of Great Neck Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli received a boost over the weekend from the hometown newspaper, Newsday, which gave him a
strong editorial page endorsement. "Although Spitzer is said to prefer someone with minimal ties to Albany," the paper noted:
DiNapoli's record of transcending the corrupt and partisan culture of dysfunction makes him an especially good choice to be the fiscal watchdog. For his unassuming style and superb accomplishments, for his integrity, intelligence and bipartisanship, DiNapoli is respected inside and outside Albany. That he is not from New York City, where Hevesi and the new statewide officials reside, is another plus.
Really, we only mention that in order to justify republishing the above Newsday editorial cartoon, which portrayed DiNapoli as a buffed-up Mr. Clean.

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