Friday, December 15, 2006

Eliot, Ever the Lawyer or Eliot Spitzer for President

Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer photo courtesy of The Empire Zone
The plain English version would be......."let's see what Hillary does next...stop pestering me" :-) hey maybe...just maybe.....Eliot may be running for president as well...........andy

Eliot Spitzer — outgoing attorney general, incoming governor, long-time legalese aficionado — seems almost congenitally unable to endorse Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as a prospective presidential candidate.
Senator Charles Schumer, the outgoing party leader Denny Farrell, and several Democratic members of Congress have already said unconditionally that they would support Senator Clinton for president if she decides to run.
When I put that matter to Eliot this afternoon, he responded with the following: “Look, I would be hard-pressed to think I wouldn’t be, but again I don’t like to get out ahead of where she is on this, so I think the better part of wisdom is to wait and see, wait for her to take the next step. When and whether she does, we’ll all see together, and then I’ll speak to that issue.”

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