Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Eliot Spitzer's Inauguration Info

From Democrat and Chronicle "Twelve members of the Garth Fagan Dance Company will perform at Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer's inauguration on Jan. 1. The presentation, entitled "Dance Collage For Romie," is in homage to Romare Bearden, an African American artist who was honored with the National Medal of Arts. Fagan joked that he had to think hard whether to accept the invitation."My first reaction was to say no because it is the day after New Years Eve. All my dancers want to be with their honies and significant others," said Fagan, a Tony-award winning choreographer.It didn't take him long to reconsider."When I thought about it, I realized this was a very big honor and a historic event to perform for the new Governor and celebrate the inauguration. We are proud to represent western New York," said Fagan. "It is going to curtail our New Years Eve party. I guess we can only have a glass of champagne."He said someone from Spitzer's office, who was an ex-dancer, suggested the troupe."This is exactly why I started this blog.....it is an honor to follow the historic path of Eliot Spitzer...to record the day by day happenings and developments as they happen.....think about it...if somehow you could go back in time and record the day by day events of say...Teddy Roosevelt or George Washington...would you say no???For more info on Eliot's Inauguration click Plans for Eliot Spitzer's inauguration or visit the official inauguration website www.inaugurationny.com andy

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