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'December 7, 2006 -- ALBANY - Gov.-elect Spitzer is planning to brave the Albany cold for an outdoor New Year's Day inauguration in front of the historic Capitol building, The Post has learned.
Weather permitting, the public event - Spitzer will be sworn in privately at midnight - is scheduled to take place in a park between the Capitol and the neighboring Alfred E. Smith state office building.
Spitzer will come from inside the Capitol, down an ornate stairway to the stage, a source said. Later, he will throw open the doors of the nearby governor's mansion for a public reception.
There will also be a formal concert and program at an Albany arena that will feature singer Natalie Merchant, who was born in upstate Jamestown.
"It won't be as lavish, and we're trying to bring back some old traditions," said a Spitzer aide. "It's not going to be the partisan orgy it was 12 years ago."

Elizabeth Benjamin(Capitol Confidential) adds her on take and facts on the event “People’s Inaugural” (Updated) are a few noteworthy Spitzer quotes.................

"The New Year’s Day swearing-in will be followed by a host of events in and around the Capitol - all of which will be free and funded with some of the $5.5 million Spitzer has left over in his campaign committee.
The idea, Spitzer said, is to have “a people’s inaugural with access that is as broad-based as possible, obviously in spaces and the areas that we are dealing with there are space contraints.” The fact that it tends to be fairly cold in Albany in Janaury will make this “the first test of people’s hardiness and willingness to participate in the rigors of government as we envision it in New York,” Spitzer said'

"Spitzer was reluctant to put a dollar amount on his inauguration, saying bids are out to do things like build the outdoor stage. He said he expects the final figure to be less than the $5.5 million he has on hand.
There will be “complete transparency” about the cost, he said, noting that since the event will be paid for by his campaign committee, the Jan. 15 financial filing with the state Board of Elections will give an accounting of how much he spent and on what."

"On Dec. 11, a Web site, will launch. Members of the public are being asked to reserve tickets to the inauguration events there. For those who don’t have access to the Internet (or prefer the old-fashioned method), there’s a hotline: 1-212-370-7755."

Eliot continues to live up to his promise of change in Albany..starting with Day One...and as always thanks to Elizabeth Benjamin for being such an awesome political blogger..she always gets all the facts...come hell or highwater or both :-) andy

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