Friday, December 08, 2006

The Empire Strikes Back or Hevesi Rejects 4 Pataki Contracts (Updated)

Elizabeth Benjamin Capitol Confidential

'State Comptroller Alan Hevesi announced today that he has rejected four contracts worth $93 million put forward by the outgoing Pataki administration and has put three others worth as much as half a billion dollars on hold.
In the press release, Hevesi’s office noted that this move will help the incoming Spitzer administration - headed by the governor-elect who reportedly is leaning toward asking the state Senate to begin proceedings to remove the comptroller as a result of Chauffeurgate.
“Pataki was elected to serve until December 31, but that doesn’t give him the right to tie up hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ resources based on what’s best for him and his friends, not what is best for New Yorkers,” Hevesi said, also noting the outgoing governor’s hundreds of appointments and efforts to move $11 billion worth of projects through the Public Authorities Control Board.
“Governor-elect Spitzer has objected to Pataki making decisions that tie his hands,” Hevesi continued. “That’s why my office will make every effort to stop any contracts that are not in the taxpayers’ best interest until the Spitzer administration has the opportunity to review them.”

Hevesi is right on target with may question Hevesi's motivation..but the bottom line is..let Spitzer review all this outlay of cash...come on Pataki...enough is enough many more cronies are you going to benefit before leaving office??? Have you no shame at all???? for the rest of Elizabeth's article.... click here ..................andy

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