Monday, December 18, 2006

Fate of Project in Brooklyn Hinges on Nod of One Man

Photo Curtesy Nathaniel Brooks for The New York Times

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who has helped block several large development projects, at a news conference in Albany on Thursday.

Wouldn't it be nice for Gov. Elect Spitzer to have a final say so as well??? Considering these projects will come to fruition on his watch...........andy

"That is the nightmare facing Forest City Ratner, the real estate developer whose $4 billion Atlantic Yards project must now be approved by an obscure state oversight board on which Mr. Silver, the state Assembly speaker, controls one of three votes.
Over three years, Forest City has assembled an astonishingly wide and deep political coalition behind the Brooklyn project, ranging from outgoing Gov.
George E. Pataki to Acorn, the liberal advocacy group for low-income people. The developer has endured thousands of pages of studies and reviews, staged hundreds of meetings and hearings, beat back lawsuits and persisted in the face of a growing and energetic coalition of opponents and critics.
But now — once again — the fate of a multibillion-dollar project comes down to Mr. Silver, a politician who has not hesitated to delay or halt grand development plans when he deems it appropriate." For the rest of this article.....
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