Friday, December 15, 2006

A ‘Fresh Look’ at Ground Zero

New York Times Empire Zone

"Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer’s new choice to lead the Port Authority said this morning that the Spitzer team would take a “fresh look” at the Freedom Tower project, which Mr. Spitzer has called, in remarks last spring, a potential “white elephant” because it seemed to lack “economic viability.”
The remarks by the executive director-designate, Tony Shorris, were made after Mr. Spitzer announced 12 appointments and selections for top jobs in his administration – several of them filled by raiding his old staff in the New York attorney general’s office.
Mr. Shorris, who would have broad oversight responsibilities for rebuilding ground zero, was asked about the future of the Freedom Tower during a news conference in midtown Manhattan. Mr. Shorris did not say any changes were forthcoming – but he did say that the Spitzer team would look at it with fresh eyes and open minds.
“We’ll be looking at every aspect of it, both the plan and the execution of it, we’ll take a fresh look at the whole thing,” Mr. Shorris said. “But I also think the number one priority of the governor is to get ground zero moving. The last thing that any of us wants to see is a slowing down of the progress.”
He also said that at this stage, with steel now on the ground zero site, there was “very limited” opportunity to go backward and rethink the Freedom Tower project. Mr. Shorris made these remarks after Mr. Spitzer had left for another meeting. Earlier in the news conference, Mr. Spitzer would only say that it was “premature” to discuss any specific changes in ground zero planning and rebuilding......for the rest of this article... click here andy

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