Sunday, December 31, 2006

From day one, Spitzer will 'bring the noise' to Albany

The Journal News DEBRA WEST

"From day one, Spitzer will 'bring the noise' to Albany
At midnight tonight, thousands of revelers will crowd into Times Square, millions more will watch the ball drop on television, friends will kiss, noisemakers will rattle, and Eliot Spitzer, in a small private ceremony, will quietly take the oath of office and become the 58th governor of the State of New York.
It is an oddly private ceremony for a man who has battled his way into the spotlight and won public admiration by loudly standing up for the little guy against the biggest of corporate giants.
Spitzer's is no rags-to-riches tale, but instead a story of a man who started with great wealth and moved on to great power, and it is a story that seems now to still be in its earliest chapters.
Eliot Laurence Spitzer, 47, won the election in November with the largest margin of victory in the state's history, 69 percent. The voters' endorsement followed a string of high-profile prosecutions that earned Spitzer the nickname the "Sheriff of Wall Street."
The public will first get to see their new governor tomorrow at 6 a.m. when Spitzer, a regular jogger, takes his maiden gubernatorial run in Albany's Washington Park. The formal inaugural ceremony will follow at noon and be held on a lawn behind the Capitol building (thank goodness for the warm spell).
The outdoor event will be "the first test of people's heartiness and willingness to participate in the rigors of government as we envision it in New York," Spitzer told Yancey Roy, who covers Albany for The Journal News.
The populist event is in stark contrast to outgoing Gov. George Pataki's first inauguration in 1995. That extravaganza, with 12,000 guests in black-tie, was followed by a lengthy legal investigation, which revealed that special-interest groups and corporations jockeying for state business contributed heavily to the $2.6 million inauguration fund.
But as the Spitzer mantra goes: Day one, everything changes."

Hey, anybody that can quote the Colbert Report is OK in my book...actually a very good...well written article about Spitzer....for the rest... click here....andy

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