Saturday, December 09, 2006

Good Morning Edition

The New York Post lets us know Hevesi's Driver and others testifies before a grand jury in CHAUFFEUR AND TELL this stuff is starting to get a little old now..don't ya think??? The Amherst Times has Hevesi living in a glass house THE COMPTROLLER'S GLASS HOUSE Hevesi should be happy this editor is not on his grand jury panel........Yancey Roy(Gannet News) has Spitzer's inaugural: No black ties - or Hevesi - lots of fresh air Will Hevesi be a no show??? inquiring minds need to know.......Elizabeth Benjamin(Capitol Confidential) has a very interesting and informative story on the upcoming legislative battle over charter schools....NYSUT To Lawmakers: No More Charter Schools Please and the Citizens Budget Commission warns the state legislators and Pataki CBC Says: No Pay Raises Without Debt Reduction and Azi Paybarah(The Politicker) scrutinizes Hevesi's latest campaign filings The Comptroller's Accounts and finally the NY Times Empire Zone reports that legislative pork is a little easier to digest now Blogtalk: Following Up andy

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