Thursday, December 07, 2006

Governor-elect Spitzer holds news conference

photo courtesy Capitol News 9
Capitol News 9
"Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer is in Albany today holding a news conference from his transitional office.The current state attorney general takes over on January 1 and he's pledged immediate reform.
Spitzer spent Wednesday in D.C., where he met with the state's Democratic representatives.Spitzer's camp said Republicans were invited to the meeting, but none of the them showed up.

During the meeting, Governor-elect Spitzer continued his call for reform and said he'll be available whenever state officials need him.
Spitzer said, "I will be omnipresent. When you pick up the phone, I will get back to you. We are going to rebuild the Washington office."Spitzer also announced plans to hold his January 1 inauguration outside."
What a nice change from the "Bunker Mentality" during the Pataki years.........andy

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