Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Green Symposium(or why Tom DiNapoli is in the driver's seat)

Elizabeth Benjamin Capitol Confidential

Tom DiNapoli is a class act all the way.......he deserves everything that is coming to him...I have known Tom for many years...he is hardworking...honest....and believes in what he does....a very rare combo these days........he has represented Long Island very well over the years and has been at the forefront of most environmental issues facing the Island.......andy

"State Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli, a Nassau County Democrat and chair of the Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee, sent out a press release today relating to a “Health Environment, Healthy Economy” symposium taking place here in Albany today and tomorrow.
The event at the LOB is focused on green buildings and communities, green energy and green products, which is all very interesting, but equally interesting (for my purposes, anyway) is the fact that the release came from DiNapoli, who is widely viewed as a likely candidate to be the next DEC commissioner."

"DiNapoli was an early and staunch supporter of Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer, which meant a lot back when the man who defeated him for Nassau county executive in 2001, Tom Suozzi, was challenging Spitzer in a primary for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination."

click here to read the rest.................andy

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