Friday, December 29, 2006

Group Now Tied to an Inquiry Figured in Bruno’s Day at a Track

Joseph L. Bruno in 2000 with his horse Apache. “I could tell he was knowledgeable about racing,” the president of a Kentucky race track said.
(photo courtesy David Jennings for The New York Times)

New York Times SEWELL CHAN

"ALBANY, Dec. 28 — It was the second day of the three-week racing season at Keeneland, a thoroughbred track and auction house on the western outskirts of Lexington, Ky., in the heart of bluegrass country. The weather was cloudy. Joseph L. Bruno, the majority leader of the New York State Senate, had traveled to join 20,200 people who paid $3 a head to watch the horses.
“He was very affable, very inquisitive,” said George E. Nicholson, the president of Keeneland, recalling Mr. Bruno’s visit on Oct. 8, 2005. “I could tell he knew the right questions to ask. I could tell he was knowledgeable about racing.”
Later that day, over catered hors d’oeuvres in the library of the 1,000-acre estate, Mr. Bruno met donors at a reception that raised money for the State Senate’s Republican majority, which the senator has led since 1994.
The trip, which included three aides to the senator and a veterinarian who has been close to Mr. Bruno for years, would become a catalyst for investigations into the business activities of Mr. Bruno, a thoroughbred enthusiast who has long raised horses on his farm in Brunswick, N.Y., northeast of Albany"

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The new Govenor is well intended and I believe there will be some modest reforms.

I could not believe that Comptroller was villified for when you step back was a relatively minor ethitical slip. It is the likes of Joe Bruno who should server as the Poster Child for reform and not the Comptroller.

If they are looking for purity in the Assembly and Senate the closest thing to that is the Water Cooler.
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