Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hevesi Case Backfiring on Spitzer Comptroller May Ride Out Scandal


"Plans by Eliot Spitzer to push for the removal of New York's comptroller, Alan Hevesi, are threatening to backfire on the governor-elect, who is facing pressure to reverse course and accept the growing possibility that Mr. Hevesi will survive his ethics scandal and serve a second term in office."

Pure speculation on the Sun's part.........Assuming Spitzer wants Hevesi out...and assuming Hevesi is going to survive this scandal.........and what makes the Sun so optimistic over Hevesi???

"The Albany district attorney conducting a criminal inquiry into the chauffeur controversy, David Soares, has told the Albany Times Union that Mr. Hevesi wouldn't be charged with anything higher than a Class E felony, the lowest felony offense. In Albany, an indictment is far from a death sentence. As Albany historians point out, two Assembly speakers have won reelection after being charged with crimes."

Hell....a felony indictment...no big deal........been there..done that..........

"Most troublesome for Mr. Spitzer, the most powerful Democrat in the Legislature, Sheldon Silver, is sending a signal to back away. In an article about the Hevesi controversy, New York magazine quoted the speaker as saying, " Spitzer doesn't control the situation."

Of course The Sun uses "reportedly said"........which really means we can't verify this statement.......funny...I think the Governor has a lot to say over the situation......but don't worry....The Sun has a solution for Eliot just in the nick of time.........

"An increasingly likely scenario is that Mr. Spitzer will follow the same prosecutorial playbook that he perfected as attorney general in his cases targeting Wall Street corruption. In his white-collar clashes, Mr. Spitzer issued relatively few indictments; his preferred tactic against was to rely on public shaming and threats to extract admissions of wrongdoing, expensive settlements, and regulatory changes to prevent further abuses."

So Eliot will be Eliot after all.........thank you Jacob........The Sun never ceases to amaze me...for the rest of this article..... click here andy

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