Monday, December 18, 2006

Hevesi Negotiations Under Way (or an Early Merry Christmas Eliot)

Capitol Confidential Elizabeth Benjamin

"Attorneys for state Comptroller Alan Hevesi and representatives of Albany County DA David Soares’ office negotiated over the embattled comptroller’s fate until early this morning, but so far no deal has been reached, a source close to the DA’s investigation said.
If the two sides can’t agree, Soares will present a case to the grand jury Friday, the source said.
So, there will be some measure of resolution for Chauffaurgate by this Friday (Merry Christmas, Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer!) The potential outcomes are: a plea deal, indictment or no bill.
Hevesi has so far indicated his willingness to fight whatever charges come his way. Soares has indicated that he will only consider a plea deal palatable if it includes Hevesi’s resignation, despite the fact that the comptroller was re-elected with 57 percent of the vote on Nov. 7.
Reached via cell phone, Soares spokeswoman Rachel McEneny declined to comment saying only that the Hevesi investigation is “ongoing"

How about a 4th outcome.........Hevesi pleas to lesser charges and walks??? Remember Hevesi was asked to appear before a grand subpoena was ever issued.........stay tuned..andy

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