Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hevesi..........The Day After............

Former State Comptroller Alan Hevesi is mobbed by media as he walks to court in Albany.
AP photo

Newsday alerts us that Spitzer's clout gets early test while After Hevesi: Albany power play begins can be sure of one thing.......the Next Comptroller will have Spitzer's full can take that to the bank........and finally Newsday gives us THE RISE & FALL OF ALAN HEVESI "He's an extraordinarily bright, extraordinarily capable guy who is forever going to be known for this transgression," said Evan Stavisky, a Democratic political consultant who studied constitutional issues under Hevesi at Queens College. "Any way you look at it, it's a tragedy." that about sums it up...........The Buffalo News has Hevesi admits guilt, then resigns and they report "There was already intrigue, though, as Gov. George E. Pataki raised concerns about the fiscal office operating without a comptroller until the Legislature sometime early next year chooses a replacement to fill Hevesi's four-year term. The office is a 2,400-employee agency that approves all state spending, performs audits and runs a $140 billion pension system for government workers.
State officials said the governor was considering whether to try to appoint an interim comptroller. " Hey Lame Duck Pataki...keep your nose out of this...what a set of ca hones..trying to meddle in the replacement process........the best news story headline for this mess has to go to the New York Post with their
FROM WONDER BOY TO BLUNDER BOOB ..........sounds like a Batman Episode...and NY1 did one of their famous snap polls ........What would you say to Alan Hevesi on his way out of office? and the results...."Good Job" 42 percent...."Good Riddance" 28 percent and finally "Both" 28 percent...........and the Gothamist discusses Alan Hevesi's Mug Shot and shows both front and side view Hevesi Mug Shots.......and finally Fred LeBrun of the Times Union gives us Benefit of doubt for Bruno, but need for disclosure is certain
Fred thinks Hevesi got chased out of office over something very minor.....
"Alan Hevesi may be chased out of office today to avoid what is arguably a marginal criminal indictment over "Chauffeurgate.".........too bad the Albany DA didn't feel the same way......andy

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