Monday, December 04, 2006

Inside story of Dems' secret election weapon

New York Daily News Ben Smith

"A key piece of the Democrats' easy victory in New York last month is what didn't happen: A rich, confident former Massachusetts governor, Bill Weld, didn't challenge Eliot Spitzer. And a feisty, tough, female prosecutor, Jeanine Pirro, didn't go head-to-head with Hillary Clinton.
But Clinton and Spitzer stayed clear of the early attacks that knocked Pirro and Weld out of their way. Instead, most of the political blood was on the hands of Blake Zeff, the 29-year old press secretary for the state Democratic Party who did as much as any Republican to shape the GOP ticket.
"He kept us on the defensive every day," said Ryan Moses, the recently departed executive director of the New York State Republican Party. '

Ben is being a bit simplistic you honestly believe any Republican running against Spitzer or Clinton would have fared better than Pirro or Faso??? for the rest click here andy

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