Friday, December 29, 2006

The Latest Spin on Balboni

It's good to see Newsday's Political Blog SpinCycle back in business again.. ..I love their More Line Up for Balboni Seat pure fantasy......why the heck would Tom DiNapoli go for Balboni's Seat in the Senate??? Nassau Legis. Roger Corbin has absolutely no curb appeal outside his legislative district.....Joe Hand was a "name" thrown in to have a dem on the ballot....Mat Cuomo has nothing going for him..except his last name.......Rocco Iannarelli would be a good candidate..except he is in Jay Jacob's dog house for his last dem primary....Nassau Legis. Craig Johnson is my choice for the vacancy.....followed by Michele Schmiel, the North Hempstead clerk.........and......Balboni wasn't Spitzer's first choice??? Maltese Balkin' "Nassau Republican sources say Spitzer has reached out to other GOP senators who have Democratic-leaning districts -- including Serphin Maltese, who represents part of Queens and who barely won re-election last month." you get the feeling this may be a little bit of "sour grapes" or "penis envy" by some Nassau Republicans??? Yeah weren't Spitzer's first choice.......blah..blah..blah.....I am not buying all.........andy

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